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Opinion on Liz Truss?

How do I start? She was a pretty unimpressive Foreign Minister under Boris as she was simply a "yes-woman" for his loyalist cabinet. She made quite a few mistakes and was generally "clumsy" in public. Unlike Sunak who simply felt inexperienced and out of touch, Truss always felt out of her league entirely and that is definitely still the case for Prime Minister. Her leadership race also showed her to be pretty horrible. Her economic plan to deal with the crisis is completely centred around ensuring that companies and elites (that suspiciously are majority Tory donors) are not affected by measures. Her tax cuts are also incredibly unrealistic, running the risk of worsening inflation and the UK's current debt crisis that was all-but a necessary measures by Sunak due to the pandemic. A Conservative Think Tank that supported Truss even found that her economic policy alone would increase interest rates by 12%. She continues the horrible social policies of the Boris adminstration that protect corrupt members of parliament (the same attitude that danced around Party Gate and all the other countless scandals) as well as removed civil rights such as protest and right to assembly. Her remarks have also come off as pretty transphobic, with her campaign purposely sparking a US-style culture war given that attitudes towards minorities and even homosexuals in Britian are so apathetic that using them would be as electorally suicidal as open antagonism against the NHS. Additionally, Truss is incredibly unpopular with the wider public as well as Commons. She only had the support of around 150 MPs compared to Sunak's 180 MPs, and ofcourse there is absolutely no confidence with the opposition who has been calling for a General Election across the board. Her opinion with the public is securely behind Sunak (who literally broke the law) and Starmer, and other candidates such as Tugendhat and Morghat (that is so butchered I'm sorry) were significantly more popular with the general public and even the Tory Membership seemingly. All in all, Truss is a weak minister who is seemingly out of her depth and has shown no regard to the current crisis. I consider it all but impossible that she doesn't loose the next election, be it soon or in 2024, as there is no way she is turning this sinking ship that is the Tory party around, and I don't even think she will be able to stabilise it given 12 MPs have already rumoured to be planning to send in letters of No Confidence.